Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Every Mother’s Day I try to buy my mom keepsake and memorable gifts, as do most people.  There’s just something about a personal gift that makes it great.  Now my mom is the type if you ask her she’ll tell you, “Buy me a bottle of perfume,” she’s a perfume lover for sure.  My sister and I are always like, you must want something else.  This Mother’s Day I’ve added a new jewelry piece to my personalized jewelry collection, check out my new two tone initial disc pendant necklace.  It’s so lightweight and looks great layered with another delicate necklace.

Gift Ideas for Mom


If going the personalized route is not your Mom’s thing, maybe she’s a fashion forward lover.  In that case my array choices of statement rings also make great gifts.

Mother's Day Promo jewelry



Be sure to check out my Etsy shop for more gift ideas for your mom. Remember there’s free shipping on orders over $25 and the deadline to place your Mother’s Day Order is May 3rd.

Handstamp for Mom

Gold Brass Hammered Mom Nameplate Necklace 5

Mother’s Day is less than one month away.  I don’t know about you, but I think there is much to be said about personalized gifts.  It becomes one of those keepsake items that you actually want to hold onto.  It also shows that thought and love were put into whatever the personalized item is.  This Mother’s Day I’ve created the “Mom” Hammered Envelope Necklace and of course you can personalize the hand stamp to whatever word you want.   I’m doing an early special for $23 for this necklace until April 30th, so be sure to get yours soon.

Reproductive Factors – 31 Days Luv Ur Boobs – Days 24 and 25

baby and mom

Certain reproductive factors slightly increase risk. These include giving birth to a first child after age 30, nulliparity (never having children), starting menstruation before age 12, and/or entering menopause after age 55.2 The increase in risk is likely due to a longer lifetime exposure to estrogen.†

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Styling Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Some of us get our looks from our Mom, others get our personality traits from our Mom and some of us get our fashion style from our Mom.  This Mother’s Day we want you to show off your Mom’s style, in our “Styling Your Mom” contest on Pinterest.  Show us what makes your Mom’s fashion sense so unique! Create a Pinterest board with fashionable items that your Mom loves.  The winning board will win a $40 Gift Card to The Pink Locket Store.  So get your images ready and start pinning!  See our Pinterest board or below for details!

Styling My Mom

Styling My Mom

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Mod Mom’s Wishlist for Mother’s Day

As a mod mom, who’s always so busy, but manages to keep trendy.  There are a vast amount of items one could pick up for her.  Check out some of my Mod Mom picks:

Etsy Shop Feature of the Week: Cutesieclips

Cute, fun and colorful all describe Cutesieclips Etsy Store.  Various cute shapes and characters are created out of colorful felt making pretty clips for little girls.  My favorite is the PINK heart of course.  In addition, these beautiful clips are reasonably priced ranging from $4-$6.   Check out the Halloween collection at very creative.


By:  Kamilah C.

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