Gift Ideas for the Modern Mom

Gift Ideas for the Modern Mom

Ted Baker purse backpack
$230 –

Circle scarf

Vintage Bohemian Blowout Sale


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Jewelry Feature of the Week: Turquoise and White Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

Turquoise and White Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

Turquoise and White Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

Here’s our Jewerly Feature of the Week!  On sale now at our Etsy shop and as ususal FREE shipping!

Want These Shimmers Dangling From Your Ears?

Navy Blue Shimmer

Well, these could be exclusively yours!  Check out our feature on Style and Vibes and see how you could snag these navy blue shimmers in their giveaway!!

Creative Killers

We’ve all heard of writer’s block, but how about creative killers?  Picture this, you’re rocking to your own creative beat, steady designing, sketching or brewing up the next big piece.  Then something comes along to detour you from your creative flow.  Once that concentration is broken it’s so hard to get back into the groove.  Here’s my top five list of creative killers:

  1. Internet-also my best friend, but a major distraction
  2. Negative people-after all did you ask for their two cents??
  3. Happy Hour-it’s good to attend a few, but forget about creating anything after 4 margaritas
  4. Cell phone-should I answer the call or wait until later?
  5. Television-whether it’s really bad reality TV or your favorite sitcom

The Pink Locket Has a New FACE….

A new web face that is! Check out our NEW website!  It’s sure to capture your attention.

Tip of the Day

Today’s blog topic may be slightly off.’s going to be totally off subject.  Right now I’m sitting at a Starbuck at the infamous Lenox Mall and so far within an hour I’ve crossed off so many things off my “To Do” list that should have been accomplished weeks ago.  I think as I get older I’m getting “Adult ADHD.”  It’s amazing how much I’ve become so sidetracked lately, but as a friend of mine always says it’s time to “Get on the stick!”  I’ve been searching for good reading material on having self discipline for adults, but have had no such luck so far.  Here’s an example on why I need this self discipline material,  if I log my computer on to go online to do “specific” tasks, within less than 3 minutes I find my self surfing Etsy shops, scrolling through emails, checking out new sites and “Facebooking.”  The next thing I know an hour has past and I didn’t do one thing I intended to do when turning on my computer in the first place.  I’m coming to the realization that I really need to try that “Egg Timer” tip that Timothy Adam mentions on his blog.  So my first stop tomorrow will be the Dollar Tree where I intend on purchase a good ol cheap egg timer.  I’ll let you know how this works.

My tip for the day is if my “Adult ADHD” idea sounds familiar to you I think you should “Get on the stick” and purchase an “Egg Timer.”