Jewelry Care Tips

All of your purchases from The Pink Locket are covered under a 6 month warranty jewelry program.  So if your new jewelry piece from my shop breaks (fault or no fault), you can return it to me and I’ll repair it for free as long as it’s within 6 months from your date of purchase.  If you were given an item as a gift from my shop I can look up your date of purchase.  For instructions on returning your item for repair, please email me at

Here are some jewelry care tips to care for your jewelry pieces.

Cleaning Metal Jewelry

Jump to my blog post on how to clean your metal jewelry (for brass and copper jewelry only)

Cleaning Sterling Silver

Since sterling silver tarnishes over time, it’s good to give it a good clean a couple times a year.  I’ve found that a soft cloth and toothpaste work wonders.  Simply use a pea size amount of toothpaste and using a soft cloth rub on tarnished jewelry, continue to rub and rinse with water until tarnish is removed. Using a dry portion of the soft cloth, continue to buff jewelry until sheen appears.


Are You Allergic to Metal Jewelry?
Bold Metal Chain Jewelry

Brass is actually an alloy (which is a combination of metals) made up of copper and zinc.  It is free of nickel and generally safe to wear.  Everyday wear and contact with liquids, lotions or any form of chemicals will lead to a bit of tarnishing, but you can clean it off.  Warm soapy water with a soft cloth works well or even toothpaste believe it or not.  Just be sure to shine it with a soft dry cloth afterwards.


Bronze Ring

Bronze  is also an alloy composed of copper and tin and is also nickel free.  Bronze metal makes beautiful jewelry pieces because it gives sort of an aged and oxidized, but shiny look.



Pink Glory Rings

Copper is a pure metal and allergy free.  It makes great jewelry, over a time copper develops a Patina look which is an oxidized greenish color and still manages to look very nice.  Wearing copper for extended periods of time can make your skin green.  Copper is also super easy to clean, check out how here .


Sterling Silver and Gold Filled

Sterling Silver .925 sterling silver is usually nickel free, 92.5% is silver and the remaining 7.5% is made up of other metals usually copper.  Besides for tarnishing, which can easily be cleaned sterling silver is a pretty good choice for jewelry.

Gold Filled is not to be confused with gold plated. Gold filled jewelry means that gold is permanently bonded to as base metal (usually brass) for durability (if you ever notice how higher carat gold is softer).  Gold filled is a great choice for jewelry because it doesn’t tarnish and doesn’t contain nickel.



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