Gift Ideas for the Modern Mom

Gift Ideas for the Modern Mom

Ted Baker purse backpack
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Circle scarf

Top 10 Holiday Tips For The Stylish & Stress Free

Holiday Tips

Holidays are here and the good, bad and ugly have reared its head.  Yes, I said bad and ugly.  Every year I’m always at a loss for words because while it should be the most joyous, giving and happy time of the year it seems people can be the complete opposite.  I was in Home Depot a few weeks ago and overheard some of the sales associates sharing horror stories about some holiday customers.  After listening to their store I definitely have a new found respect for individuals who work retail this time of year.  So I’ve compiled a list of ten ways to stay very stylish and stress free this time of year.  Let me know some of the ways you celebrate your stylish holiday.

Making Holiday Cookies

1.Do at least one fun activity this holiday season.  Maybe it’s decorating your house, baking cookies, creating some holiday DIY decor or it could even be making some eggnog kicking back and watching your favorite holiday movie.


Online Shopping

2.If you don’t feel like going shopping, then don’t! I’m so serious about this one.  Take advantage of online shopping it’s there for a reason and you still have time to get it by the 25th.


Fashion Closet

3.  Need something to wear to a Holiday Party? Play dress up in your closet. I’m sure you can curate the chicest attire from pieces in your closet.  Make it fun too, play some music and invite your girlfriends over.



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4.  Take a new class at the gym. Okay this is really random, but that yoga class you’ve been meaning to take will be just what you need this Holiday season.  Stretching can definitely relieve stress.


Artsy Nails with Sally Hansen

5. Paint your nails an unusual color. It’s the Holidays why not try something different. I did this a few weeks ago with Sally Hansen nail strips and I loved the finishing look. Very different from my usual natural nail.


Holiday Wish List for Her

6. Create a Holiday wish list on Pinterest and send it your loved ones so they’ll know what to get you.


mommy and me

7. Spend time with your family and friends.  After all, that’s the true reason for the season right?


Be Nice This Holiday

8. Be nice to others.  Okay so the lady in front of you cut you in line, big deal.  Pick your battles, is it really worth making a scene?



9. Do something nice for someone else–dare I say a stranger even.  A few weeks ago I was at the mall (yeah for a hot second) and my son wanted to ride the train.  The kiosk only took cash (as if) and surprisingly I had cash on me (I never really carry cash on me), however, the lady behind me had a toddler who was itching to ride the train, but didn’t have cash on her. I took one look at the little toddler and said don’t worry about and purchased 2 tickets.



10. Make a Holiday playlist.  I did mine last week!

It’s Giving Tuesday – Shop and Give Back


It’s Giving Tuesday and today we’re donating 25% of each sale to a wonderful organization called Girl Effect.  The Pink Locket is all about empowering confidence in women, Girl Effect does just that they empower young girls to be confident and change the world.  So let’s support this wonderful organization and get your shopping on.

Maybe I’ll be Michonne for Halloween. #halloween #costume #thewalkingdead #michonne #strongwoman

Maybe I'll be Michonne for Halloween. #halloween #costume #thewalkingdead #michonne #strongwoman

Purple shirt

Biker vest

Missoni hair accessory
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Pyramid belt

Leather glove

All Black And A Little Gold

All Black And A Little Gold

Mangoes Aren’t Just for Margaritas


The best part about summer time is the variety of delicious sweet fruits.  In my opinion, the queen of all summer fruits is a mango.  Being from Jamaica, we LOVE when mango season comes around.  Aside from being rich in Potassium, Vitamin C and Vitamin A, it is a beautiful and delectable fruit  whether you decide to eat it as is or cook with it or add it to a drink.  Have you ever came across someone who said they hated the way a mango tasted?  Nope, me neither.

The mango color has managed to sneak its way into our summer fashion and beauty products as well.  Check out some of my mango fashion picks from Polyvore .

Mango Season, Mango Fashion


How To Wear Mixed Metal Jewelry

I love the idea of mixing metal jewelry.  There’s definitely a way to mix various metals of jewelry so that it looks very chic and distinct.  Here are some great ideas and looks on mixing metal jewelry.  See more on my “Styling With Jewelry” Pinterest board.