Top 10 Holiday Tips For The Stylish & Stress Free

Holiday Tips

Holidays are here and the good, bad and ugly have reared its head.  Yes, I said bad and ugly.  Every year I’m always at a loss for words because while it should be the most joyous, giving and happy time of the year it seems people can be the complete opposite.  I was in Home Depot a few weeks ago and overheard some of the sales associates sharing horror stories about some holiday customers.  After listening to their store I definitely have a new found respect for individuals who work retail this time of year.  So I’ve compiled a list of ten ways to stay very stylish and stress free this time of year.  Let me know some of the ways you celebrate your stylish holiday.

Making Holiday Cookies

1.Do at least one fun activity this holiday season.  Maybe it’s decorating your house, baking cookies, creating some holiday DIY decor or it could even be making some eggnog kicking back and watching your favorite holiday movie.


Online Shopping

2.If you don’t feel like going shopping, then don’t! I’m so serious about this one.  Take advantage of online shopping it’s there for a reason and you still have time to get it by the 25th.


Fashion Closet

3.  Need something to wear to a Holiday Party? Play dress up in your closet. I’m sure you can curate the chicest attire from pieces in your closet.  Make it fun too, play some music and invite your girlfriends over.



Photo courtesy of adifansnet

4.  Take a new class at the gym. Okay this is really random, but that yoga class you’ve been meaning to take will be just what you need this Holiday season.  Stretching can definitely relieve stress.


Artsy Nails with Sally Hansen

5. Paint your nails an unusual color. It’s the Holidays why not try something different. I did this a few weeks ago with Sally Hansen nail strips and I loved the finishing look. Very different from my usual natural nail.


Holiday Wish List for Her

6. Create a Holiday wish list on Pinterest and send it your loved ones so they’ll know what to get you.


mommy and me

7. Spend time with your family and friends.  After all, that’s the true reason for the season right?


Be Nice This Holiday

8. Be nice to others.  Okay so the lady in front of you cut you in line, big deal.  Pick your battles, is it really worth making a scene?



9. Do something nice for someone else–dare I say a stranger even.  A few weeks ago I was at the mall (yeah for a hot second) and my son wanted to ride the train.  The kiosk only took cash (as if) and surprisingly I had cash on me (I never really carry cash on me), however, the lady behind me had a toddler who was itching to ride the train, but didn’t have cash on her. I took one look at the little toddler and said don’t worry about and purchased 2 tickets.



10. Make a Holiday playlist.  I did mine last week!

It’s Giving Tuesday – Shop and Give Back


It’s Giving Tuesday and today we’re donating 25% of each sale to a wonderful organization called Girl Effect.  The Pink Locket is all about empowering confidence in women, Girl Effect does just that they empower young girls to be confident and change the world.  So let’s support this wonderful organization and get your shopping on.

Top 5 Reasons to Shop Small Today

Out of all of the shopping days this weekend, if there’s one day I like the most it would be Small Business Saturday, and not just because I’m a small business owner, but because there are so many small business out there just doing their thing, so why not support them. Here are my top 5 reasons to support small businesses as well as some neat businesses to check out.   
 Top 5 Reasons To Support Small Business

1. Supporting small businesses in your community directly supports your community.

2. You receive personal one on one service.

3. You’re supporting someone else’s dream.

4. Want something tailored or personalized just for you, many times this is the route to go.

5. You’ll put a smile on someone’s face (the owner).


Style and Vibes

Style & Vibes


Carry On Friends

Carry On Friends

Scotty Beama

Scotty Beama


Ven & Rose

Ven & Rose


House of Moruka

House of Moruka

 The Pink Locket  


Calling All Indie Designers, It’s Holiday Gift Guide Time


Yes, it’s true, the Holidays are coming.  Whether you celebrate Christmas,  Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and/or Festivus I hope you don’t get too stressed out this season.  I actually read somewhere that the Holiday Season is the most stressful time of year!  Really? If you are anything like me I try to avoid going into the stores during this time of year as much as possible, and take full advantage of online shopping.

This year I’m doing something a little new, I will be creating a gift guide to shine the focus on creative indie designers who have really cool products that would make great gifts for your family and friends.  So if you are an indie or handmade designer and want me to feature you in my gift guide please email for more information.  If you know of someone who maybe be interested, just share this post with them.

P.S. To help you kick off your holiday shopping I’ve included a link to some of my “Great Gift Ideas Under $50” just click on the above image!

Make it Monday: How to Personalize Your Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away.  For today’s Make It Monday I’m going to show you some ideas on how to personalize your gift to your loved one with ideas from other bloggers.  These are all simple and budget ideas that you can do with items you probably already have laying around the house.  Don’t forget to sign up to my list to get updates on wonderful projects like this, as well as, DIY Style ideas and my handmade jewelry specials.

Gift Ideas : Personalized Jewelry & Wine Accessories

etsymatch personalized gift for valentine's fb


Valentine’s Day is a great time to give a gift that’s personalized.  Personalized jewelry are great options for both men and women.  Personally, I love designing personalized jewelry pieces for my customers.  It gives me honor to be a part of a process that is sentimental to a fellow customer.  You want to know a secret?  Sometimes I’ll design 2 custom pieces for an order just to see which one I like better before shipping it to my customer.  I want to make sure that it’s a perfect fit.

This Valentine’s Day give your loved one a gift that he/she will remember.  Some of my customer favorites are personalized cuff links and necklaces .  Here are some other personalized gift ideas.  What gift would you love to receive this Valentine’s Day?  Drop me a comment!  Be sure to subscribe to my list for more wonderful updates on my designs and DIY style tips.

Personalized Wine For Valentine


Gifts For Valentine’s Day

Happy Friday everyone!  It just seemed like the Holidays were just over now we’re onto the next one.  Just wanted to remind you of our cut off to place your orders for Valentine’s Day, especially if you are looking to “Personalize for Your Valentine.”  The personalized jewelry option is especially popular this time of year, so be sure to place your order early at our Etsy Store.Valentine's Day Holiday Deadline