Top 5 Reasons to Shop Small Today

Out of all of the shopping days this weekend, if there’s one day I like the most it would be Small Business Saturday, and not just because I’m a small business owner, but because there are so many small business out there just doing their thing, so why not support them. Here are my top 5 reasons to support small businesses as well as some neat businesses to check out.   
 Top 5 Reasons To Support Small Business

1. Supporting small businesses in your community directly supports your community.

2. You receive personal one on one service.

3. You’re supporting someone else’s dream.

4. Want something tailored or personalized just for you, many times this is the route to go.

5. You’ll put a smile on someone’s face (the owner).


Style and Vibes

Style & Vibes


Carry On Friends

Carry On Friends

Scotty Beama

Scotty Beama


Ven & Rose

Ven & Rose


House of Moruka

House of Moruka

 The Pink Locket  


Modern Edge Style

Modern Edge
Check out this Modern Edge look for the fall featuring the Xena Gold Statement Necklace.  Each day this week we’ll be posting a different look using the Xena Necklace.  Let us know which look is your favorite.


This Is One Stylish Friday



Handmade Jewelry_The Arches_Copper Handmade Jewelry_The Arches 2
TGIF, let’s make this weekend a stylish one.  Check out my new collection The Arches in copper.


Just A Casual Fall Style

Fall Casual


Soon we’ll be wrapping up our summer weather.  Here’s a casual fall look that works for running errands, shopping, dropping off the kids at school or even lunch time with the girls.  What are some of your favorite fall fashion finds? Comment below.  Also, be sure to sign up to my list to be the first to shop my limited jewelry collection launching soon.

NEW Collection Coming Soon, Plus a Few Customer Favorites

Coming soon….

Brass Tube Collection


A few customer favorites…

Dangle Earrings_Oldies

My Sister’s Closet

Sister Fashion

Growing up with sisters as you can imagine it was all about hair and clothes.  Having sisters also meant double the wardrobe options.  Now that we’ve gotten older my sisters and I are pretty spread out across the country, so when I visit them I make it my big sisterly duty to raid their closets.  You know “take a few things off their hands.”  I was able to snag a few things last time we congregated, but I did have my eye on a few other things that wouldn’t fit into my suitcase 🙂  I guess that means I’m probably going to have to buy them myself.  Meet my sisters and the stuff I didn’t “fit into my suitcase,” the last time I saw them.

Also, be sure to check out my newly launched handmade jewelry subscription box.


Here’s a similar jacket that I may need to just snag from ASOS for $99



Sister Fashion

This must be a new dress Rikkia is wearing because I didn’t see this one on my first “shopping” trip to her closet. Well this one at Urban Outfitters will just have to do and it’s on sale for $19,99



Sister Fashion

Now finding a romper like Mikelah’s was a very difficult task, but I did see something with the same colors on ASOS. Let’s just say the next time I see Mikelah this romper might go “missing” from her closet…hey what are sisters for 😀








How To Wear Mixed Metal Jewelry

I love the idea of mixing metal jewelry.  There’s definitely a way to mix various metals of jewelry so that it looks very chic and distinct.  Here are some great ideas and looks on mixing metal jewelry.  See more on my “Styling With Jewelry” Pinterest board.