Personalized Wine Charms and Decatur Wine Festival

Decatur Wine Festival

I attended the Decatur Wine Festival this past weekend.  Once again it was a complete hit and I’ve compiled my absolute favorites.  My only gripe was there weren’t too many food options for this vegetarian girl!  Oh well…the wine was on point though.  I did something special this year at the festival and gave away my newly added Personalized Hand Stamped Wine Charms to 1o lucky ladies.  If you missed me at the festival or weren’t one of the lucky 10, don’t worry Wine Charms are the “Jewel of the Week” and are 40% off this week only 🙂

Sweet Red Wine

Mad Housewife, Stella Rosa-Stella Rosso, Stella Rosa-Stella Black, Mad Houswife-Sweet Red, Roscato-Rosse Dolce

Favorite Red Wines

Home Grown Barbera, Chateau Bonnet-Bordeaux, Trapiche Broque – Malbec, Souls Sister – Pinot Noir, Drops of Jupiter

Delicious White Wines

RELAX – Riesling, Piquitos, Pacific Rim – Sweet Riesling, Pacific Rim – Riesling, Montesinos – Macabeo

Wine charm jewelry item of the week


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