Street Style Wrap Up From NYFW 2014













The one thing I do miss about the city (NYC) is the street fashion overall, but particularly around Mercedes Benz’s Fashion week. During fashion most people rush off to see the hottest new trend and styles strut the runway, but you’ll find some amazing fashion styles and trends right in the streets.  What’s so great about fashion overall is that it’s so versatile, every one has a unique style that makes them…them!  We may not always like each other’s style, but I believe that a body is a canvas that deserves to be painted with whatever articles of clothing, jewelry and/or accessory that tickles your fancy.

Since I don’t have the privilege of actually experiencing the street style fashion at NYFW I took to handy Instagram and used the hashtag #nyfw2014 and #streetstyle to curate a mini gallery of street styles that I loved.  I’m a strong believer in giving credit where it’s due so I’ve included the Instagram handles for each of the street style subjects and/or photographers.  Enjoy and let me know which ones are your favorites.


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