Black Herstory: Fashionable Beauty Dr. Rachel Ross

Dr. Rachel Ross


The “Fashionable Beauty” for this week is Dr. Rachel Ross.  You’ve probably spotted her as one of the doctors on the show The Doctors on ABC.  That’s actually where I discovered the wonderful Dr. Rachel.  She appeared on The Doctors a little over a year ago to discuss the hereditary disease Sickle Cell Anemia.  Being a trait carrier for Sickle Cell myself, as well as, having a father who is living with the disease and having an uncle pass away as a result of it, I became an immediate a fan of Dr. Rachel who lost her sister to Sickle Cell.

Coming from a family of doctors, I love Dr. Rachel for her realness and honesty when it comes to health.  Specializing in Family Medicine and Sexology, I find Dr. Rachel to be a very knowledgeable doctor with bedside type manner, she’s one of those that you wished lived in your city.  She also has very noticeable unique sense of style from her platinum colored hair to her bold colored and geometric print wardrobe (just watch The Doctors).  You must check her out!

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