Black Herstory: Fashionable Beauty Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge Collage

As we all know February is Black History Month and I must say I do enjoy see all the great facts and stories about our positive black figures in history.  Throughout this month every week I will highlight a special, what I like to call, “Fashionably Beautiful.”  She will be a noted woman of our history who despite many obstacles and challenges managed to persevere and achieve the goals she’s set out for herself, and not to mention she looks damn good while doing it 😉

This week I’ve decide to highlight the beautiful Dorothy Dandridge.  It’s very obvious of how much of a physical beauty she truly is.  What I find especially remarkable about Dorothy is her achievement of being the first African American to receive an Academy Award nomination for best actress in 1955, during a period of racial segregation.  Although it wasn’t a win, Dorothy managed to rise up against the odds of her time in an industry where although she may have been allowed to perform on stage, she wasn’t allowed fraternize in the establishments she performed in because of racially segregation.  Nonetheless, we celebrate this beauty and all of her achievements and contribution to our history.

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