Shop Indie Entrepreneurs this Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches and we begin to make our lists and start checking them twice (not because Santa Claus is coming to town because most of us are on a budget this season) take a look at some Indie Crafters.  Trust me, you will not be disappointed.  There are truly some creative Indies out there with “out of this world” items.  Check out Etsy, Artfire, WinkElf, just name of few.  If that’s not convincing enough, here are a few good reasons to Shop Handmade this Holiday.

1.      Support CraftPreneurs– Believe it or not they are part of the economy.  As a matter of fact small businesses make up a great percentage of the economy.  Not only will you be supporting a fellow entrepreneur, it’ll help put money back into our local and domestic economies.

2.      Personable and Unique Items– It’s true!  A lot of these items you’ll see on these Indie Market sites are the most unique and personable ever.  Indie crafters put much time and hard-work into their product, very seldom will you be dissatisfied.  The items aren’t mass produce, so you definitely won’t see them on the racks or shelves of large retail giants.

3.      Avoid shopping mall crowd-This is what everyone hates about the holidays, waiting for someone to pull out of a parking spot, dealing with packed malls and long lines.

If these reasons aren’t good enough, well just scope out some of the great holiday gift items I found from some Indie Preneurs.

Teal Clock-$40

Teal Clock-$40

Bridges of Madison-$19

Bridges of Madison-$19

Tierra Earth-$18

Tierra Earth-$18


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