Edge for Success

The Edge for Success

This is definitely a great video with a plethora of information from Billionaires.  It has always been said that wealthy people share common traits.  Whether or not you want to be a billionaire, some of this advice is invaluable to those who want to succeed at what they do and still love it.

Determination-Be determined to learn more, hone your craft.  Learn to create opportunity for yourself even when everyone else tells you ‘No.’

Decisions-All the decisions we make in life (good and bad) shape our outcomes.  Make wise decisions and when you make mistakes, learn from them.

Giving-Give, give, give.  This was a strong point for both Buffet and Jigga.  Don’t say you don’t have it, you can give back in many ways.  Give monetarily, but also give your time and service.
Love What You Do- You have to absolutely love what you do.  Here’s the test, do you love it enough that you would do it for free?

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