Attention Atlanta Artists: Upcoming Craft Shows for the Fall

Fall is on its way, this is true.  Before we know it, the holiday season will be here.  One of the nicest places to find the best and most unique gifts, either for yourself or a loved one, are craft shows.  The most talented come out to display their labor of love and hard-work.  In addition to snagging a piece of rarity,  buying at craft shows helps to support our local communities and economies.  Here’s a rundown of some shows that are worth checking out if your a crafter or shopper or both.

Dunwoody Music Festival 10/23-24

Vendor Fee: $200   Deadline: 9/8

Fall Jonquil Festival 10/23-24th

Vendor Fee: $100   Deadline: 9/15

ICE 11/20-21
Vendor Fee: $225    Deadline: 9/16
Vendor Fee: $50    Deadline:  First Come, First Serve
Metro Market 11/20-21 and/or 12/18-19
Vendor Fee: $130 (each weekend)   Deadline: 9/5

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