Gold vs. Silver

Almost every woman has gold and silver jewelry as part of her collection.  Depending on your outfit gold may complement or it may be silver.  I have to say that over the past years gold has really made a comeback.  Gold and black jewelry has now become as popular as the good old silver and black.  Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing silver jewelry, but sometimes a nice pair of gold hoop earrings can set off the right outfit. 


As a jewelry designer, I try to keep an equal balance on my gold and silver merchandise because I know women like to be versatile when it comes to accessories and clothing.  Check out The Pink Locket’s Noir, gold and black earrings and Purple Dangle, purple and silver.  Which one would matches your outfit today?


By: Kamilah C.

The Pink Locket


2 thoughts on “Gold vs. Silver

  1. Hello! you know – I was always interested in this question – gold or silver – what to choose? gold looks expensive & charmish; but silver is more stylish sometimes…

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