Jewelry Feature of the Week

This is a new feature I’m trying out. Since all of the jewelry I create originate from either a feeling or personality with a twist of culture, every week I’m going to feature a new item from my gallery of jewelry pieces and tell the story behind each creation. Here’s the first one, let me know what you think…

I haven’t had a vacation in almost two years. When I mean a vacation…I mean laying on the beach or by poolside, soaking up sun, sipping on a strawberry daiquiri, with the breeze blowing through my curly hair. I call this necklace Cape Coral. The inspiration behind this necklace came from the beach. This jewelry piece represents a carefree yet bold feeling. I think this necklace would accent any dark colored swimwear. Perfect for lounging on the beach to dressing up a summer dress. The color represents the coral reefs of the Caribbean tying in the the blues and greens of the ocean. Now doesn’t this make you want to take a vacation right now….

Designed by: The Pink Locket

2 thoughts on “Jewelry Feature of the Week

  1. Wow. So beautiful. Keep up the new jewelry creations and stay creative. It’s so hard to be original in this industry. You are right. That piece looks perfect with a simple white dress for the beach.

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