Family and Friends Email Extravaganza

The “Pink” Email Extravaganza

Since everyone needs a little “Pink” in their life, we need your help in getting the word out about The Pink Locket.  We would like to introduce “The Pink Family and Friends” Email Extravaganza.  What is it you ask?  Beginning Wednesday, June 25th we are all going email crazy!  The Pink Locket will be giving away one of these fabulous exclusive jewelry pieces to the person who sends this email to the most family and friends in their address book:


Its simple just cut and paste this entry into an email and forward to all of your family and friends from The Pink Locket and add: in the cc section of your email.  Plus, just by forwarding this email you will receive 10%* off your next purchase from The Pink Locket.


On Friday, June 27th at 8:30a.m. the winner will be announced on The Pink Locket blog. So don’t forget to log onto on Friday, June 27th to find out if your the lucky winner.


Until then Shop Pink!


Don’t forget to cc: when you forward this email.



With Pink Love,


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